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In the 4th book, we are introduced to several distant relatives (and some not so distant).

Klietke Family

A branch of the Jusenkyou clan that remained on Moon Garm.

The dad's name is Tim, short for Timothy; the twins are 7, their names are Will and Theo. The little girl is 2; her name is Molly. Their mother's name was Eliza, but Tim calls her Liz.

Tim is a dark-haired, broad man, with curly hair and a tight beard & bright brown eyes. Molly has bright fiery red hair that’s curly as well and goes everywhere, it’s a bit of a mess because her dad is never sure what to do with it, & all 4 have their handsome brown eyes. The twins have a much darker red hair, almost like Scarlet's. Will wears his hair cut short, and Theo's is a little longer and has a tight curl to it.

Will has straight hair like his mom's, but dark like his dads'. He’s 13 and he disliked werewolf culture due to his distaste for mainstream culture and not wanting to be part of the oak mentality.

Liz died suddenly. She was part of a drug trial for a medication to help werewolves suffering from postpartum depression. Werewolves have a tight collection between their physical and emotional health, after Molly was born she has been suffering from it on and off. She had an unexpected allergic reaction to the medication and passed in her sleep. Tim hasn’t had time to grieve but has been working tirelessly to get his family off Moon garm. Liz was the connection to the Jusenkyous, but Tim, being Human, wants to get them to a human planet. He met Roy shortly after kid #1 was born, but reached back out to him to look for a job in the area. He figured being close to some kind of family would be good for the kids and help them establish a more normal lifestyle.

I think Molly May be a wolf too but I don’t know. She may be holding it in, I’m not sure since she’s so little.

I thought a lot about this in the shower, giving them deep back story will help work in their characters more. Tim is a real interesting character. He’s got a real front going on of this happy confident guy but he’s still grieving and overwhelmed on the inside. He’s really complex but will make a great friend for Roy and someone to give Roy a little more dimension to him.

Gleisner Branch

On her mother's side, Scarlet has an aunt and a grandmother.

Lucile Gleisner is Ann's mother. Her sister is Sunny.