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Born on the 9th day of the 3rd month of N.D. 499. Chet Raider is a minor antagonist in The Conditional Continuation. He is about a year older than Scarlet Jusenkyou and is dating Bethany Summers. The two met at Camp Shababadahs in the summer of N.D. 513, where Chet was a season-long camper and Bethany attended only a 2-week session.

Early Life

Chet was born on the Agras and moved with his family at the age of 3 to a fashionable suburb along the West Road of New Arindell. The youngest of four children, he was mostly raised by his elder brothers. Both parents worked full time and often put in long hours, paying little attention to the family. The household was violent, but not overtly abusive. As four young unsupervised boys tend to, they rough-housed quite a lot.

The father was a strict disciplinarian. He was not around to mete out punishment, but grew very angry when he came home and found the boys had damaged the house. If he ever caught them fighting his punishments would be swift and severe. By watching his eldest brothers, Chet learned the value of self-control, and how to act when being watched.

Since their father did not indulge in television, when the kids destroyed the family TV set on accident, the father punished them by not replacing it. This forced the boys to seek out other leisure activities, and Chet soon became heavily involved in youth soccer. In fact, he actually broke a strong city taboo by playing on both soccer and Foot Kort (quote "Because the soccer team practiced Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the Foot Kort team practiced Tuesday and Thursday"). He actually kept this dual play secret for a while before his brothers found out and gave him no end of grief.

Beginning at the age of 5, Chet attended summer-long sleep-away camps. A few were centered around sports, but at the age of 7, he spent his first summer at Camp Shababadahs, which for him was like a second home. He liked the freedom, the lax rules, even laxer enforcement; and in his own words, "They don't make you sing any dumb camp songs or have dumb camp traditions. You just hang out and do stuff".

Like a great many such campers, Chet joined the secretive dragon baiters and quickly rose through the ranks, making Red-Fire Baiter on his very first summer. He achieved White-status at the age of 10, easily one of the younger campers to do so (this should not be viewed as an accomplishment; dragon-baiting is caused the deaths of 26 children over the 32 years the camp was in operation).

Role in the Closure of Camp Shababadahs

In the N.D. 512 season at Camp Shababadahs, Chet was directly involved in the incident that would lead to the camp's closure, though he never revealed it. Andy Gacy was part of it, too; and the two made a pact to never reveal what they had done to anyone. Both even returned to the camp for the 513 season, as if nothing had happened.