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This is more of a scratch page than anything else. Since the Scarlet Jusenkyou books actually have a very tight timeline and continuity, I need to lay out some specific orders and finally clarify a few things I've never gotten around to needing in previous volumes. A similar system will see use in the Conri books. See: Alliance Calendar for an explanation of how the dates work.

A Basic Layout of a Scarlet Year

Month NumberSeason NumberNumber of Days1st Day of monthNotable Dates
1st Month1st Month of Winter3118th day of the first month: school resumes from winter break
2nd Month2nd Month of Winter3032
3rd Month3rd Month of Winter3161
4th Month1st Month of Spring30117th Week(21s-27th) Spring break. 27th day: Resurrection Day
5th Month2nd Month of Spring313115th day - Scarlet's little sister is born!
6th Month3rd Month of Spring30621st day: Roy and Ann's wedding anniversary. 6th day: School gets out for the summer| 13th day Spring Intertwention Day
7th Month1st Month of Summer301
8th Month2nd Month of Summer313124th day: Scarlet's birthday!
9th Month3rd Month of Summer30302nd day: school starts/first quarter starts. 13th day Summer Intertwention Day
10th Month1st Month of Fall311
11th Month2nd Month of Fall3032
  • 5th day of the 11th month - Eieber Day(Scarlet's own self-imposed holiday)
  • 8th day parent/teacher conferences
  • 11/11 Darious's birthday - First Quarter of school ends|
12th Month3rd Month of Fall316113th day Fall Intertwention Day 20th day of the 12th month: School lets out for winter break. 25th day: Dawn's Reflection

School Year

Scarlet's school is broken down into Fall and Spring semesters, further subdivided into quarters.

Summer vacation lasts 87 days, school starts on the second day of the 9th month, which is always a monday

Each Semester is 19 weeks long, the first quarter is always 9 and the second 10, with a few weeks off for various holidays.

First quarter runs from the 36th week to the 45th week

Second quarter from 46 to 51st - break for winter - 2nd week to 6th week

Third Quarter(Second Semester) 3rd to 12th week

Fourth Quarter 13th to 23rd week(actually only 9 weeks because spring break)

  • First Quarter Fall Semester: 2nd day of 9th month to 1st day of 11th month
  • Second Quarter Fall Semester: 4th day of 11th month to the end of the year, then resumes for 4 weeks in the new year.

Book Timelines

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