Book 3 Timeline

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Scarlet Book Timeline

Book3 Timeline

First Act

Chapter 1

  • 20th day of 8th month - Scarlet leaves(4 days before her birthday)
  • 2nd day of 9th month - scalret misses first day of school, gets kicked out of Briarwood
  • 14th day of 11th month - book actually starts Notes mention that while the calendar says late fall its really early fall because the seasons do not match the months, still, its cold!!
  • 16th day of 11th month - awakens in cave
  • 18th day of 11th month - sets off for surface
  • 25th day of 11th month - escapes from cave
  • 29th day of 11th month - centaurs

Chapter 2

  • 30th day of 11th month - leaves centaurs
  • 13th day of 12th month - sights Lake Bentika - friday the 13th
  • 16th day of 12th month - paddle to island Note might mention its nearly winter and cold AF. Lake Bentika don't freeze but being on a kayak in normal clothes in late fall ain't pleasant.
  • 17th day of 12th month - first morning on the island
  • 21st day of 12th month - "For four days, Scarlet roamed the ruins" - finds body

~Celebrates holidays on the island ouch~

  • 8th dat of 1st month - "At the end of three weeks, Scarlet had become numb to the subtle horrors of the ruined Marconian city"
  • 11th day of 1st month - Scarlet ventures into burial vaults
  • 14th day of 1st month - finds Gnarra's tomb
  • 15th day of 1st month - leaves Bentika
  • 30th day of 2nd month - Now on the Nara River, she had passed all of the difficult bits and reached the Blue Nara
  • 14th day of the 3rd month - Scarlet arrives in Zathra and starts her way home

Chapter 3

  • 16th day of 3rd month - Scarlet arrives home
  • 17th day of 3rd month - Scarlet starts new school
  • 22nd day of 3rd month - "Between homework and chores, Scarlet had barely had time to think. When Saturday came, she didn’t even know what to do with herself. " - Meets Ammon
  • 23rd day of 3rd month - Ammon library kiss
  • 28th day of 3rd month - history teacher conversation on plagerism - laptop shopping - Ammon Meets Scarlet's parents
  • 29th day of 3rd month - Scarlet Meets Ammon's Parents, looks at lake pictures

Second Act

Chapter 4

  • 30th day of 3rd month - Scarlet meets Katy
  • 31st day of 3rd month - visit with Nal
  • 5th day of 4th month - "The Saturday ritual involved a lot of walking in circles and chanting"
  • 6th day of 4th month - second meeting with Katy

Chapter 5

  • 12th day of 4th month - dragon forge with katy

Chapter 6

Spring break!!

  • 19th day of 4th month - family leaves on vacation
  • 20th day of 4th month - 2nd day of vacation, family lost in woods
  • 21st day of 4th month - Family sets off for coast
  • 23rd day of 4th month - "Two days later"

Chapter 7

  • 3rd day of 5th month - Scarlet receives tablets
  • 4th day of 5th month - scarlet visits Tortuga "It being Sunday, Scarlet waited until afternoon."

Chapter 8

  • 10th day of the 5th month - chapter starts
  • 11th day of the 5th month - visits Tortuga again, agrees to start paladin training
  • 12th day of 5th month - first day of paladin training

Chapter 9

  • 15th day of the 5th month - chapter opens
  • 17th day of 5th month - cutting stuff with Katy
  • 23rd day of 6th month - "The weeks stretched by. Her progress was slowed because she wanted to spend more time with Ammon."
  • "Scarlet entered the small shop and sauntered up to the counter, " - dragonite scene really needs to be rethought, it takes place in the morning so has to be on a weekend
  • "Scarlet’s history teacher was a nice fellow" scene also needs to be moved, its summer now

Chapter 10

  • 5th day of 7th month - dinner with all 4 parents and Tortuga! - also could stand to move further back

Chapter 11

  • 6th day of 7th month - "With a long sigh, Scarlet threw a sheet over the tablets,"
  • 7th day of 7th month - "snake" scene, last day of paladin training(may need to move around)

Final Sequence

Since its pretty clear I need to do some rewrites to accomodate other issues with the timeline, I am instead going to number the days and work out the end-date to match up with the start of book 4.

  • Chapter 12
    • 1 - Scarlet comes home from last day of training with Tortuga(must be a thursday)
    • 2 - Scarlet cuts school to visit Tortuga, visits him in the morning then again after school - "On Friday after school, Scarlet had her very last meeting with Tortuga. " - Scarlet's last date with Ammon(talk about a rich full day)
    • 3 - Ammon breaks up with Scarlet in text message
  • Chapter 13
    • 4 - Sunday, Scarlet sleeps till noon - Rewrite depending on proximity to birthday
    • 5 - Scarlet boards riverboat
    • 6 - travel
    • 7 - travel
    • 8 - Travel
  • Chapter 14
    • 9 - Arrives at stopover on River, gets off and takes off by herself.
    • 10 - Paddle up river "A day’s paddle up-river and she reached the inlet"
    • 11 - Canal
    • 12 - Sees Citadel wall, wades into water just after sundown
    • 13 - Aqueduct swim - "At mid-day, Scarlet pulled herself out from the aqueduct and stretched out" - entire rest of book

Proposed Dates

If we start on the 15th day of the 8th month, Scarlet becomes Pendragon on the 27th day. This makes day 10 her birthday, so some rewrites to mention that are important.