Book 2 Timeline

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Scarlet Book Timeline

Editing Notes

Need to rewrite school segments to remove all references to opening history textbooks.

Need edits so all teachers get an introduction scene and all are on first-name basis with students. It's weird that history is taught by "Willy" and science is "Dr. Breddit" - add a fun note that he likes to be called 'dr.' but his first name because Briadwood encourages first-name basis.

Book2 Timeline

  • 6th day of 6th month school gets out
  • 9th day of the 7th month - Scarlet arrived back home
  • 24th day of the 8th month - Scarlet's birthday
  • 2nd of 9th month - school starts

Chapter 1

  • 13th day of 8th month - Night introduction, book starts.
  • 14th day of 8th month - knighting with King
  • 15th day of 8th month -
    • meeting with new school principle
    • First therapy appointment - if she's 14 in this scene, its after the 24th day of the 8th month
    • Meeting with Antiquarian Society - Some revision required, school hasn't started yet.

Chapter 2

  • 16th day of 8th month - Forging scene with Nal, could be day after chapter 1/dinner same night - editing Scarlet finding out DeLarual's are moving in.

Chapter 3

  • 17th day of 8th month - night time, Scarlet catches Relend in her room, sleeps next to Nal
  • 19th day of 8th month - leaving for camping trip, arrival at camp site, scarlet hurts face & kills bear
  • 20th day of 8th month - The following morning, the various denizens. Scarlet gets fish heads tossed on her. Relend gonna die.
  • 23rd day of 8th month - camping trip over heading home.

Chapter 4

  • 25th day of 8th month - Scarlet's birthday dinner
  • 29th day of 8th month - Kicking Relend out, second therapy visit
  • 2nd day of the 9nth month - first day of school
  • 5th day of 9th month - presentation to antiquarians
  • 6th day of 9th month - chat with Willy

Chapter 5

  • 6th day of 9th month - visit from Naomi
  • 7th day of 9th month - day out with Tess
  • 8th day of 9th month - Naomi leaves(no actual story)

Chapter 6

  • 12th day of 9th month - therapy
  • 13th day of 9th month - brings Nal to school, team meeting
  • 16th day of 9th month - heavy sword tryouts
  • 17th day of 9th month - lunch with friends
  • 21st day of 9th month - gala

Chapter 7

  • 4th day of 11th month - Awkward convo with Joe, gets tablet for languaging, presentation to class of expensive books/discovery of note
  • 5th day of 11th month - failed attempt to stay home for "Eieber Day" (note: this will fix a birth date for him)/heavy sword practice montage/visit with espy(big day)

Chapter 8

  • 13th day of 11th month - Scarlet tells teacher about book, gets info on note- rewrite this scene
    • Research in lab could be same or next day
  • 16th day of 11th month - showing Jason around her study - this has to be a saturday/letter writing to Tess
    • Note maybe edit this scene to mention upcoming overnight trip for Knowlegium semi finals

Chapter 9

  • 18th day of 11th month - school field trip, truth or dare
  • 19th day of 11th month - next day, chat with okin
  • 23rd day of 11th month - visit to military museum, in research lab later that evening - need to revise, explain why she hasn't gone straight to the tabernacle
  • 24th day of 11th month - Scene with Nal up a tree, need to revise

Chapter 10

  • 30th day of 11th month - Visit with Tortuga - also needs to be weekend day, maybe saturday
  • 4th day of 12th month - nal comes home mostly cured - could use revision
  • 14th day of 12th month - knowledgium championships

Chapter 11

  • 21st day of 12th month - Heavy Sword finals, Chapter 11 starts
  • 22nd day of 12th month - "Scarlet made an annoyed sound in her throat"

Chapter 12

  • 2nd day of 1st month - "It took ten days to cross the spur" Note: should i bother mentioning it was Wash day? Nal and Scar dont care but relend might.
  • 8th day of 1st month - "“All right,” Scarlet announced. “You two sacks of crap stay here and try not to kill each other. I should be back in four or five days, a week, tops.”"
    • 9th day - "She sheltered for the first night "
    • 10th day - "Though it was only late afternoon, Scarlet camped at the tree-line on the second day."
    • 11th day - "At morning on the third day" - ends in "The wind picked up when the sun set"
    • 12th day - "Scarlet’s eyes were bloodshot and her face felt wind-burned by the time the first rays of the sun crept above the ridgeline to the east. "
    • 13th day - "It was late morning when Scarlet set out the following day"
  • 16th day of 1st month - "Scarlet paused to site on a few land marks"
  • 17th day of 1st month - "It took all morning to catch a few birds"
  • 18th day of 1st month - "They spent another full day filling their packs"

Chapter 13

  • 1st day of 2nd month - return to Uddin, meeting Zaph - revise as it is dead of winter

Chapter 14

  • 2nd day of 2nd month - setting off for Rowen
  • 5th day of 2nd month - on survival rations - note maybe revise to mention season? its desert but still winter
  • 11th day of 2nd month - water rations run out completely
  • 13th day of 2nd month - find water
  • 15th day of 2nd month - Relend kidnapped by bandits, rescue, scarlet gets shot

Chapter 15

  • 16th day of 2nd month - Scarlet in shock
  • 18th day of 2nd month - Scarlet awakens in Hewrot/meets Arisa/meets Jade
  • 20th day of 2nd month - Scarlet knew her strength would be slow to return
  • 21st day of 2nd month - Honoria shows Scarlet archives
  • 22nd day of 2nd month - “Hey, I need help with a word,”
  • 26th day of 2nd month - "The week ground on in an endless array of frustrations"
  • 27th day of 2nd month - "draw down" with royal family

Chapter 16

  • 28th day of 2nd month - indoor shooting with Jade
  • 29th day of 2nd month - sees Nal's idol, convo
  • 1st day of 3rd month - "Scarlet lay on her bed, watching the sun set out the window" - conversation with Jade, decides to push forward on marrying Nal
  • 14th day of 3rd month - "By the time the wedding preparations were well underway"
  • 15th day of 3rd month - conversation with Honoria about tat
  • 17th day of 3rd month - applying tat
  • 18th day of 3rd month - discussion with Nal about wedding/wedding happens/evening Relend gets his ass beat/arisa killed again

Chapter 17

  • 19th day of 3rd month - heading for archives/getting trapped
  • 20th day of 3rd month - wake up, eat honey, get into collapse
  • 27th day of 3rd month - book 2 ends