Book 5 Timeline

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Scarlet Book Timeline

Book 5

Book 4 ends on the 20th day of the 11th month. Scarlet's little sister is born on the 15th day of the 5th month of the next year. This puts it before summer vacation, so she's had a chance to meet the baby before heading up to camp.

Need to move

  • Maryn and Serena visit Scarlet in Enclave, see Scarlet's corset, Maryn catches Pierce with his honey
  • 11th day of 11th month - Darious's b-day
  • 13th day of 12th month - "wash day party"
  • 19th day of 12th month - fall concert, Scarlet gets drunk, "Weird night" - train leaves for Long Lake late that evening
  • 20th day of 12th month - leave on mission, flying all day, reach hotel, Scarlet and Maryn in bed while Pierce and Darious gamble
  • 21st day of 12th month - leave on final phase, get on plane heading for carrier
  • 22nd day of 12th month - jump
  • 23rd day of 12th month - the drive begins
  • 30th day of 12th month - volcano
  • 31st day of 12th month - sebetul
  • 1st day of 1st month - agonizingly slow progress through the storm
  • 5th day of 1st month - BIG fight, car gets lost, they meet Fred
  • 11th day of 1st month - arrive at Immaru
  • 12th day of 1th month - arrive at Rimwalt and meet Fia
  • 13th day of 1st month - showdown with Hebat
  • 27th day of 1st month - book ends