Book 4 Timeline

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Scarlet Book Timeline

Book4 Timeline

Part 1


  • 21st day of 8th month, Scarlet becomes Pendragon
  • 22nd day of 8th Month - triumphant return to Arindell, end of book 3

Chapter 1

  • 23rd day of 8th month - chapter 1 opens with Saber showing Scarlet around Enclave, meeting her staff
  • 24th day - Scarlet got her gun,

Chapter 2

  • Still 24th day of 8th month - mall "date" with Darryl
  • 25th day of 8th month - Pendragon's Inspection

Chapter 3

  • 1st day of 9th month - Shooting practice, cuddling with Darryl - "The timing of events in Scarlet’s life of late had not been fantastic."
  • 2nd day of 9th month - first day of school, Scarlet

Chapter 4

  • 14th day of 9th month - “All right, you, young lady, are being entirely too antisocial,”
  • 25th day of the 9th month - helmet scene - “Could we talk about why the Pendragon is wearing a helmet to the breakfast table?”
  • 27th day of 9th month - “As summer draws to a close, I thought we might like to begin a few of the Trials,”
  • 28th day - Trial of Endurance fail
  • 29th day - drawing session with Darryl/punching session with Saber

Chapter 5

  • Status: Scarlet's mom is by now around ~8 weeks pregnant
  • 6th day of 10th month - Golfing with Dad
  • 17th day of the 19th month - dish "washing", shiny armor night, visit with katy's mom

Chapter 6

  • 19th day of the 10th month - visit to craftsmen's city.
  • 21st day of 10th month - library crawl
  • 22nd day finish crawl

Chapter 7

  • 26th day of the 10th month - trip to Sun's Beacon, Dotsen, street race
  • 27th day of the 10th month - Warsong

Chapter 8

  • 28th day of the 10th month - return to Arindell, cutting scene

Chapter 9

  • 2nd day of 11th month - family reunion

Chapter 10

  • 3rd day of 11th month - Scarlet is told of civil war, meets with her dad and Relend's mom, rewrite scene with dad to mention baby.

Chapter 11

  • Meeting Gailen

Chapter 12

  • 4th day of 11th month - visit to Hezikah and discusion of chakras
  • 8th day of 11th month - visit with katy as filler
  • 16th day of 11th month - consult with necrosages
  • 17th day of 11th month - final drawing scene
  • 11th day of 11th month - Darryl's Birthday write this scene
  • 19th day of 11th month - Shock Light, school attempted shooting
  • 20th day of 11th month - Finding Darious, book ends