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Lyarell Lumiko, of the Phoenix Tavern Flight, out of Hespet, by Limkia. Lyarell is a princess of the Phoenix Tavern Flight, but not in the royal line of succession. She is the third daughter of King Limkia, conceived with a royal concubine(not previously thought possible). The concubine, Hespet Minerva was herself a Dragon-half, a fact which she hid from the royal family when offering herself as a concubine.

As a result of her parentage, Lyarell is 3/4ths dragon, but in human-form(like Lelerough). She is disliked by her father's dragon mate but treated with civility. Her position within the royal family is tenuous; because she has no dragon-form she is not able to carry out the duties and rituals required by the flight. As the daughter of the king she is a princess, but cannot be queen.