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Hidakots was an evil magician who menaced Rowen and Sindall, and neighboring countries. His base of operations was in the Backwaters of Sindall.

Early Life

Hidakots is of Korra descent.


Like many another before and after him, Hidakots lurked for many years in a menacing, remote fortress, and sent out Blood Beasts and war-machines, and any mercenaries or assassins he could hire, to rob and terrorize the country round.


Ultimately, the Slayer Dragons under Pendragon Hokori were sent to kill Hidakots; but they were beaten to it by Lina Rowen, then a local bounty-hunter, who alternately fought and infiltrated her way into the evil enchanter's dark fortress, and defeated him in a duel. As a reward, the Slayer Dragons offered her a chance to take The Trials of their order, which she accepted.