The Path to Ascension

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The Path to Ascension is the first book released in the series known specifically as the Course Books. It centers around the life and times of Hunter Jusenkyou. The Gudersnipe Foundation and Alliance.


  1. The Wings of a Dragon
  2. Through the Night
  3. Disarming
  4. Wildfire Emerges
  5. Ulysses Last Stand
  6. The Sun Also Rises
  7. Virus
  8. The Truth Finally Revealed
  9. Clouds Last Run
  10. Last Stand, Tora, Tora, Tora
  11. The Slayer Dragons
  12. Return of the Dragon
  13. The Dark Lord Nimi
  14. The Reunion of the Eighth Power
  15. Revival
  16. The Red Tiger
  17. The New Recruit
  18. The Path to Ascension(Story)

Don't expect individual story pages and summaries anytime soon.

The Path to Ascension is followed by The Road to War


  • In The Slayer Dragons the date is given as A.Y. 6902, which is in disagreement with later volumes. The date should properly have been 6903, as he became a Slayer Dragon in A.Y. 6905 as determined by Return of the Dragon and it is known that he completed the Trials in just 2 years. Thus, The Slayer Dragons actually takes place in 6903 and the 6902 date was a mistake.

In The Reunion of the Eighth Power Metanie Bur'I is stated as having been "in highschool" when her marriage was arranged with Jason Bur'I. However, in Dusk from The Concourse to Victory as well as Point of the Spear from The Road to War, she is stated as having been in junior college at the time. Though her marriage was in the process of being arranged while she was still finishing highschool, she was not told of the arrangment and did not meet Jason until her first year of college. Thus, the date given in The Reunion of the Eighth Power is incorrect.


I keep a running log of when each short story was finished and sometimes when it has been edited. Unfortunately, I did not start doing this until after 2005, when The Path to Ascension was finished. Based on my research into file edit time stamps, it appears the original master file was assembled on Friday, February 11, 2005.

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