The Road to War

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The Road to War is the second book released in the Course Books series.

Available: The Road to War

Story List

  1. The Eye of a Dragon
  2. Tale of a Gun
  3. First Stand
  4. Counter Strike
  5. Flight of the Takahe
  6. Against the Wind
  7. Dragoon Lancers: Wrath of the Lancer's Light
  8. CTRL+Z
  9. Flash Point
  10. Retrospectus
  11. Line in the Sand
  12. Point of the Spear
  13. Marigold
  14. Falling Dragon
  15. The Road to War(Story)

The Road to War is preceeded by The Path to Ascension and followed by The Concourse to Victory.


In Against the Wind, Cindy adds a gear-shift to her station on the Saratoga in order to creatively change between speeds. The speeds she lists are "all stop, impulse, cruising speed, flank speed, and full millitary thrust". The first two should properly have been one-quarter and half, with full-stop having been a different position entirely.

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