Allapa Dismissive

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The Allapa Dismissive is a hybrid, multi-role fighter developed by the Eighth Power alongside the Star Hammer project.

Designed for use as a home-guard, the Allapa Dismissive was the first successful hybird fighter, in that it was able to fight well in both space and atmosphere. Early attempts invariably resulted in a vehicle that did well in one venue, but poorly in another.

The design team circumvented this problem by sacrificing FTL capabilities, a feature standard on most star fighters (a notable exception being the disposable Nimbus fighter).

The Mark I or Takahe-class Allapa Dismissive performed well, but was unsuccessful and not adopted by the Foundation. Only around fifty units were produced, with most of them leaving aboard the Freelancer ship Lancer's Light.

A Mark II was said to be in construction, but the project was shelved for various reasons. The nearly complete fighter was put into storage, and later fitted with an experimental FTL drive and sent on a top-secret mission for the Crimson Blade.