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A freelancer, or 'free lancer', refers to a soldier of the Gudersnipe Foundation who does not report directly to Central Command and Control. Freelancers operate from starships usually supplied by the Foundation, and use mostly Foundation-built and designed equipment. Though they may have different regulations and standards, they are noticably lancers.

Freelancers primarily work as mercenaries, though tend to handle any sort of job that pays well. Because they have access to GS equipment and technology

Freelancer Ships

According to regulation, only a Gudersnipe School graduate can command a freelancer ship. Most freelancer ships operate beyond the borders of explored space, though some roam Alliance territory doing odd jobs.

Freelancer ships can range in Ship Rolessize from modified corvettes to smaller capital ships, though the larger vessels must be extensively refit to fight without the aid of a battle group. Multi-role warships are favored by freelancers, such as those of the Nelson Fleet Revision.

Destroyers and cruisers make the most popular freelancer ships, usually with expanded hangar decks and enhanced weaponry. The destroyer range is particularly prized as they are multi-role support and troop-transport vessels, with the ability to quickly land on a planet carrying large numbers of troops.

Larger capital ships such as carriers and battleships make poor freelancer vessels as they are designed to rely on a battle group, sacrificing close-in defenses and manuverability for improved offensive and large-scale defensive capability. While a cruiser also suffers some of this, modifications allow some of the utility required to operate independently.

Captured warships are occasionally converted to freelancer ships. This typically requires heavy modification and extensive refitting, but is not uncommon. Utopia Gregaria maintains a large cache of captured vessels, usually used for salvage.