Zero-Point Generator

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A Zero-Point Generator is a device that extracts energy from a quantum mechanical system. The devices take a number of shapes and forms, but are usually a series of connected modules. One module can provide massive ammounts of power, two can provide 10x, 3 can provide 100x, and so on. The modules are often abbreviated Z.P.G. for 'Zero-Point Generator'.

Gudersnipe and Alliance Devices

Zero-Point Generators built by Gudersnipe and later the Alliance (at the Victory Research Facility) look like a cube with a series of depressions. Superconductors in these depressions allow the modules to be linked together to form more powerful generators.

Appearance in the Story

In the Course Books, the first chronological appearance of a Gudersnipe-built Z.P.G. is in Falling Sky, where Hunter and Jason are given one by Instructor Gailen to power the prototype Star Hammer. Later appearances of the Star Hammer imply that they are all powered by Z.P.G.s.

The next Z.P.G. appears in CTRL+Z where Hunter and Jason are again given a device, this time by Instructor Roland, to power the Shoten Jump system part of a time machine. This same Z.P.G. reapears in Retrospectus.

In Absolution (of The Concourse to Victory), Joshua uses Z.P.G.s to power a multi-spatial pulse that disables Kamian Gods.

In The Road to War(Story) (of The Road to War) and The Concourse to Victory(Story) (of The Concourse to Victory), the Victory Fleet is powered by massive arrays of Zero-Point Generators.

Eladamrian Devices

The Eladamri were known to have built and perfected the Zero-Point Generator in Antiquity, and used an incredibly massive one to power their entire civilization. It was this generator's failure that cased the Fall of Roads. Ancient Z.P.G.s are describes as being cylindrical and tapered at one end, with ports at the top and bottom for super-conductive interfaces.

Appearance in the Story

Early in the storyline, while at Gudersnipe School, Hunter finds an ancient Z.P.G. worshiped by a less-advanced culture. It has nearly reached the end of its useful life, but is still a very potent power source, so he steals it to run his mech.

In Forbidden, a story from The Concourse to Victory, the Saratoga discovers the capital of the Empire of Roads civilization, which includes a huge network of Z.P.G.s which once powered their civilization.

Iname Devices

In Aspect of Death, an Iname machine called a Machello is discovered, which contains a Z.P.G. likely constructed by the Iname.