Victory Fleet

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The Victory Fleet, formally known as the First Victory Fleet, is a fleet of starships built by the Victory Research Facility for use against Marigold. The ships were incredibly advanced, powered by Zero-Point Generators, and filled with an arsenal of weapons.

The fleet included six hundred capitol ships of a unique design that doubled as battle ships and carriers. Each capitol ship was paired with a destroyer and a corvette for defence. And additional three hundred cruisers, two hundred cutters, and one hundred corvettes organized into various squadrons were also included, bringing the grand total of combat ships up to twenty-four-hundred. One hundred and seventy-five non-combat support ships were also brought in from the U.E.A.S. to fill specialty roles.

Though it included only 2,400 ships, the Victory Fleet was considered to be more powerful than a standard GS fleet of 7,000.

The Victory Fleet appears in The Road to War(Story) from The Road to War.