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Starship Prefixes are regulated and tracked by the Alliance Space Commission, every nation is required to keep a registry of ships in service, along with an identifying prefix.

The Alliance

The Alliance uses the prefix U.E.A.S. for Unity Earth Sphere Alliance Ship.

Civilian ships in the Alliance are often given the A.S. prefix, for simply Alliance Ship.

Advanced Dynamics gained special permission in the late Third Age to use the prefix A.D.M.D. for Advanced Dynamics Mass Driver on their vessels.

The Foundation

The Gudersnipe Foundation has registered three different prefixes:

  • G.S.S. for Gudersnipe School Ship.
  • C.B.S. for Crimson Blade Ship.
  • G.S.S. for Gudersnipe Star Ship.

However, the Geomancer is the only ship on the official registry to use the Gudersnipe Star Ship prefix.

Notable Starships


The M'KHaren Empire uses the prefix M.R.A.F.S. for M'KHaren Royal Air Force Ship, somtimes simply shortened to R.A.F.S.. Curiosly, M'KHara is among the few nations whose space force evolved from a terrestrial airforce and not a wet navy. As such, their officers use a rank system adapted from the old airforce, which would eventually absorb their terrestrial armed services.