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Forbidden is a short story from The Concourse to Victory, third volume in the Course Books series, featuring a top-secret mission by the Saratoga to explore a 'forbidden zone' in Runarin space. What they find is the lost city of the Ancients: Eladamri.

This story is also of great importance to the series as it explains where Hunter and Jason obtained the large amounts of Mithrill and Adamantium they seem to possess, and confesses that the Fall of Roads resulted of a single technician's absence from the station at which his mind should have been disembodied to thereafter regulate and control the Empire's energy-supply. Hints are also dropped that Hunter and Jason are searching for the 'Temple of Ascension' depicted on the first book's cover.

Forbidden History

Where Ancients Dare Not Tread is a document which began life as the mission report Hunter Jusenkyou filed on his mission into Runarin Space in this story.