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First-introduced (after Hunter Jusenkyou) of the Eighth Power, Cindy Kyte is the pilot of the Saratoga and Hunter's closest friend besides Jason. Cindy is an extremely skilled, if not technically certified starship pilot and a top marksman, specializing in "mid-range" sniping techniques(taking out targets that are within a few hundred feet and likely shooting back).

Cindy is a very colorful character, often being quite random and a little lewd. She leads with her heart, but her heart can never be broken. She and Hunter had a romantic relationship at one time that is implied to be somewhat on again off again, though it is unclear exactly how deep the relationship ever was. They seem to do better as friends.

Together with Jason and Hunter, they form the power-trio that is the core of the team.

Physical Description

(Taken from First Impressions) 'She was a bit shorter than [Hunter] (most girls, make that most people, were), and had long blond hair that fell around her head in uneven curls. She had a slight build, but Hunter could tell from the way she moved that she was more fit than she was letting on.

They were the deepest, sharpest indigo blue he’d ever seen, and in the half-light of the elevator they shined like precious gems. It was almost haunting… The girl’s face was rounded and very happy, with her long blonde hair falling around her shoulders and down her back. The hair was currently held back by a faded purple head band that kept the bangs out of her face, adding to the rounded appearance. She had a small nose and close-set eyes over high cheek bones and full, red lips. Her eyebrows were thick and bushy, and had long, natural lashes'.


Cindy is crazy.

She is somewhere between "free spirit" and "severe impulse-control disorder" on the spectrum, and really only seems in control of her actions because she is ruled by deep, highly specific fantasies. She is, however, extremely strong-willed, and capable of focusing very hard in adverse conditions(such as completing complex piloting maneuvers while the ship is literally exploding around her).

Most regard her simply as eccentric, having various oddities.

Background Story

In the short story Forbidden, of The Concourse to Victory, Cindy describes herself as the younger sister of a narcotics' addict driven to that state by economic disadvantage, and later recruited by Gudersnipe School. In later years, Cindy herself succumbed to a similar addiction, which she never entirely escaped.

Her world is economically depressed, having never quite recovered from the Kamian Succession Wars. Most particularly, though, they are experiencing and odd and unexplainable shift in their birth rate. At Cindy's generation, for every male birth, there were around 20 females born. No one was ever quite able to explain the mechanism, but coupled with the general ecomoic depression, it led to a sharp decline in birth rates and a slow depopulation of the planet.

Skills and Abilities


Cindy is regarded as a legend within the Gudersnipe Foundation for her piloting and navigational abilities, due to an incident in which she single-handedly piloted a capitol-class warship, plotted, and executed an inter-stellar course. It typically takes anywhere from 10 to 24 people to properly fly and navigate a ship of that size, with FTL jumps sometimes requiring days to plot.

She is definitely a skilled pilot with a sixth-sense regarding gravity and slingshot maneuvers. Addressing the effects of gravitational pull is typically considered the most challenging part of navigation. While thought to be an excelent navigator, Jason describes Cindy's navigational skills as somewhere between "fair" and "non-existent", depending on how generous he's feeling.

In truth, Cindy primarily relies on instinct and intuition.

Cindy flew with Daemon Wing along with Hunter, but little is mentioned of those missions. She was probably not as remarkable

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