Daemon Wing

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Daemon Wing was a combat flight wing of Harpies commanded by Hunter Jusenkyou and operated out of Gudersnipe School. Due to the fractal nature of school deployments, the wing had no permanent home, and operated out of whichever carrier or base was convenient.

Size and Armament

The wing flew exclusively Harpies, which are known for their high degree of versatility. Hunter was notorious for changing up weapons payloads in complex ways, but always using them to great effect. His own ship was usually outfitted with small kinetic missiles designed to take out other fighters.

Engine Modifications

Daemon Wing's fighters were notorious for having augmented engines that required large amounts of additional maintenance, but, quote "could go faster".


Unofficially, Daemon Wing was disbanded when Hunter received command of the Saratoga. Officially, neither Hunter nor Instructor Gailen ever filled out the requisite paperwork, and Daemon Wing remained active throughout Hunter's time at the school.