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Story Order Vs. Chronological Order.

The Course Books can be considered to in one of two ways: the order in which the stories are presented in the series and the order in which the occur chronologically.

Story Order

The first is reffered to in this wiki as "story order", E.G. in which book do they appear? The books are placed in the following order:

  1. The Path to Ascension
  2. The Road to War
  3. The Concourse to Victory
  4. The Inclination to Destiny
  5. The ByWay to Freedom

The stories are arranged chronologically within each book, but each book happens within the same roughly 80-year timespan, so The Road to War happens at the same time as The Path to Ascension chronologically, but in story order PTA comes first.

A prime example: the character Rebecca Rikart first appears in story order in The Road to War in a story called Counter Strike, chronologically however she first appears in Beachhead from The Concourse to Victory.

Chronological Order

If we view the stories as individual chapters outside of their specific books, they can be arranged in a chronological order of events. For example: the story Flight of the Takahe from The Road to War takes place immediately before Falling Sky from The Concourse to Victory; this is a rare example of story-order and chronological order being the same.

See Gudersnipe Stories and Course Books Stories for a complete list of all stories in chronological order.