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Rian Wildfire is a main character of the Course Books: a member of the Eighth Power.

Physical Description

(Taken from First Impressions) 'A tall, lanky youth with fiery red hair stepped through, looked around, then dropped his bags and sat on a couch. He had freckles for days, and they didn’t stop with his face. His long, bare arms were covered in the marks, and yet more hid beneath his short spikes of red hair. His long arms and legs only made him appear taller, creating not the image of a giant, but of a complete bean pole'.


Though he appears normal and grew up with a relatively standard upbringing, Rian is an artificial being. His mother was a scientist and considered one of the Foundation's foremost geneticists, with Rian being the (somewhat illegal) result of an extensive research project.

Using resources made available to her by the Gudersnipe Foundation, Rian's mother, Sheena Wildfire, traveled around the verse, tracking down various Wildfires and taking genetic samples from them.

With the genome mapped, she then calculated which genes were associated with the Wildfire ability, and therewith fertilized dozens of her own eggs, finally discovering the embryo that would become Rian (making him biologically her son, but with dozens--perhaps hundreds--of fathers).

Rian was then incubated in an artificial womb and brought to term. His mother raised him as a normal child, and he was eventually admitted to Gudersnipe School.

Rian never fully learned the details of his background, though it was eventually learned by his team.

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