Tactical Command Station

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Tactical Command Stations are the bases of operation for high-level command officers, hidden throughout Foundation-controlled space. Their exact locations are a closely-guarded secret. In the event of an attack on Central Command and Control or a loss of contact with the Blind Consul, the tactical stations have jurisdiction.

A Tactical Command Station is typically the home-base of a Field Commander, though such officials typically move between several bases for security. While the term "station" is used, this applies to the fact that a high-ranking commander is stationed there; with comparatively few being actual space stations. The Foundation prefers to place the tactical stations on planets within large garrisons, as they are much more administrative than combative.

Appearance in the Series

In CTRL+Z, a story from The Road to War, volume II of the Course Books, the Saratoga visits Space Station Argo, a Tactical Command Station in the Argolus Cluster.