Alliance Liberator Air Force

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Alliance Liberator Air Force (ALAF for short) is the name of the air-branch for the Unity Earth Sphere Alliance Force. They operate all over the Alliance, and are standardized on a small number of specific aircraft. ALAF is the primary operator of the Doer-Daisy F/A aircraft, fielding over sixty percent of all models produced. Like the rest of the UESAF, ALAF is under-funded and operates on a very tight budget.


Due to budget limitations, the ALAF standardizes its fleet across all dimensions and operates only a small handful of different vehicles, purchased exclusively from the Gudersnipe Foundation.

  • Doer-Daisy Light - is the preeminent fighter aircraft of the ALAF. While unsophisticated, the Daisy is a tough, mean, highly-capable aircraft that is able to fill nearly all fighter roles.