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NO MERCY is the colloquial name for the Strike Fighter Tactics Instruction Center operated by the Crimson Blade. The center has two divisions: Star Command and Air Command, both of which operate out of the same base in the Murrietta System within the Utops Cluster.

The entire NO MERCY program is not an original training facility, but an enrichment center. The purpose is to take the best pilots and elevate their skills to the next level by through a rigorous, structured course along side the best pilots, operating on a one-to-one scale.

Most Gudersnipe School students train there at one point or another. Surprisingly few find themselves working as instructors after graduation, but a handful may rotate back.

Star Command

While formally based on the planet service, the star command version of NO MERCY operates three space stations and two carriers, with additional carriers brought in for extended training. The program trains pilots on every vehicle the Foundation operates, with special emphasis on the Harpy multi-role fighter and precision piloting techniques.

The Star Command portion of the facility operates mostly in the outer solar system. Many of their exercises are live-fire, so significant safety measures have to be taken. The entire solar system is a no-fly zone, with most visitors arriving by GATE. After the Bomand Incident, safety measures were further improved by adding distance-triggered fuses to all weapons.

Air Command

The Air Command division of the center operates out of the single largest(by area) Crimson Blade base in the Known Worlds. It encompases six million square miles and covers most of a continent. A few settlements exist outside of the base, providing resources to the facility by rail lines. The bulk of the planet is uninhabited, and Air Command runs missions all over the planet.

The bulk of the infrastructure exists at six "sites" within the base, each with it's own network of runways, hangars, maintenance facilities, living accommodations, and other necessities. Despite being the largest airbase in existence, travel between sites is typically accomplished by train.


The Alliance has an equivalent program called J-BOSS, which, despite including far fewer vehicles, is respected as being just as stringent. The Alliance and Foundation even have an instructor lend-lease program in place.