Utops Cluster

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The Utops Cluster is a stellar cluster that makes up a region of heavily restricted territory in Gudersnipe Foundation-controlled space. It includes the Utopia Gregaria shipyards, as well as numerous other high-value assets. Also included are much lower-value assets, such as Colony Lun and the only known banana slug plantation in the entire Multi-Verse.

The entire cluster is surrounded by a one thousand light-year restricted zone, into which no non-Foundation ship is permitted. This is the only such region in all of Foundation space to have such a restriction that encompasses more than one solar system. Though not formally acknowledged, it is known to include at least two very major GATE hubs, making it extremly important to the Foundation.

One leg of the Steel Road does enter the region, but the entire route is heavily patrolled and civilian ships are not allowed to proceed without escort. Most ships traversing this leg are Foundation owned and operated.


During the Kamian Succession Wars, the area fell under eminent threat, and the Foundation fought to protect it. The Gallihop facility, one of the Foundation's primary bases on the edge of the Utops Cluster, was razed during the war, and was the primary motivation for turning the war.


The Utops Cluster has never been open to civilian traffic. It is far from Joint Space, but it has still been made eminently clear that unauthorized intrusions will not be permitted. Conspiracy theorists have all sorts of ideas about what the Foundation may be hiding there. Among them are ideas that Colony Lun includes the wrecks of massive warships used during the Mage Wars by the old Gudersnipe Army.