Trivoli Exam

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The Trivoli Exam is a written test issued to all Gudersnipe School students interested in undergoing command-training and recieving a starship. The exam is also sometimes administered orally, depending on the situation. Students are presented with a highly detailed combat scenario (including names and intricate biographies of all involved parties) and asked to choose one of four courses of action. They are then given a set amount of time to write an essay explaining why they chose that course.

Curiously enough, the scenario is made public ahead of time, and the students have as much time as they wish to review and study the material. They are not permitted a prepared essay, instead being required to compose the essay on the spot (the rules do not preclude the student from writing an essay ahead of time and then memorizing it, although this is typically not successful).


The test is based on an actual engagement from the Kamian Succession Wars that was never actually fought (hence the high level of detail but no known outcome). The test initially had 3 possible courses of action, but a 4th was added after Hunter Jusenkyou took the test in A.Y. 6899.


Many believe that if a student has progressed as far as being allowed to take the exam, they are already guaranteed a ship. This gave rise to the notion that the answer chosen reflects the type of ship issued. Part of the theory is factual; instructors decide fairly early on which students they trust to offer commands and which will never be considered (in the Course Books, it is noted the Jason has "already had a note placed in his file that he never be given a ship").