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Hunter Jusenkyou Funbucks are legal tender issued by the Gudersnipe Foundation and feature images of Hunter Jusenkyou on every note. The original minting came in denominations of 3, 8, 12.95, 20, 'half a meatball sub', and "a few frillion". There was no coinage associated with the currency.

Funbucks are accepted only at the PX at GS Outbase Rishtag, a remote outpost "so far from civilization, you can't even find civilization with a telescope", known for heavy drinking by outpost personnel. Rishtag is primarily an emergency weapons cache, located two years' hard travel from the nearest settled world.


Funbucks were created sometime around A.Y. 6900, after the Battle of Cori Celesti when Hunter Jusenkyou persuaded Central Command and Control to issue them instead of a citation for valor. The original (and only official) run included over 1,000,000 in Funbucks of various denominations, as well as the bills without number values. The entire lot was given directly to Hunter in a briefcase, at which he immediately went on a spending spate and convinced several vendors to accept the bills before they realized they had no cash value.

Part of the agreement with the Foundation stipulated that Hunter be allowed to mint the bills himself as he saw fit. He was required submit paperwork and receive approval before issuing new denominations, but is legally allowed to make his own using the following media: crayon and graphing paper, a low-quality laser printer, or a paintball gun fired from no less than 300' away.

Second Minting

Following his anointment as a Slayer Dragon, Hunter requested and was issued a second minting of Funbucks. This time, the denominations included 3, 5, 11, 17.99 with coupon, and, for the first time, two coins, one marked for 0.95 and the other simply as "lucky" (these were two-sided). The coins were given extremely low mintage and plated with gold. At least 100 pure-gold coins were also minted and given the denomination of "heavy"; but all of these were paid as tribute to the High Mountain Flight.

Only about 300,000 units of currency were printed in this minting.

Third Minting

Shortly after becoming Pendragon, Hunter received numerous letters from children asking mostly for toys and other products created by his Personality Cult. The initial run of Funbucks had included a 12.95 bill because that was, at the time, the price of a Hunter Jusenkyou Action Figure (without tax). The second minting included one for a special-edition action figure (17.99 with coupon).

Hunter issued bills in various denominations matching the price of various toys, and sent them to sick and poor children all over the verse. The toys were manufactured by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fluffy Cloud Enterprises, who vowed to accept the vouchers and reïmburse dealers dealers for the retail cost of the toys, if they sent in the bill.

The third minting was not official and not considered legal tender. Most was recouped by Cloud Carrington, who keeps the bills in a vault in his office. The scarcity on the open market still makes them highly sought by collectors.


Curiously enough, as popular interest in Hunter grew, his worthless joke-money, much of which he had "spent" on pranks and generally having fun, became a very lucrative collectors' item. Since the bills were legal tender they came with a wide array of anti-counterfeiting measures, making real bills easily distinguishable from forgeries. Collectors and "Hunter Jusenkyou Affeciantaos" were willing to pay actual money for the bills. The most valuable bill, a "few frillion" note signed by Hunter himself and including a phone number (most likely handed to a girl he attempted to pick up), sold at auction for over fifty thousand credits.

Commemorative Coins

Sometime during the Age of the Dragon, three commemorative coins were issued by the Gudersnipe Foundation, depicting the events which led to Hunter receiving three of his commendations from the school.

Unlike Funbucks, these coins have cash value, but are also highly-sought collectors' items.