Cloud Carrington

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Cloud Carrington, identified most frequently as 'Cloud' in the series, is the leader of the ThunderFlash Team and a close friend/rival of Hunter Jusenkyou. Cloud's dorm was located directly next door to the Eighth Power's dorm, and the two teams often worked together on a variety of projects and missions.

Cloud also served as chief engineer aboard the Saratoga (only school ships carry the position of chief engineer). After graduating from Gudersnipe School, Cloud took over as president of his family's company, Fluffy Cloud Enterprises, for which he was named.

Rivalry with Eighth Power

Cloud and Hunter were good friends from the start, and their rivalry was always very healthy. Often times it seemed the two teams were working together to win even when they were complete adversaries in a contest, or that they were working to ensure one or the other won.