Cori Celesti

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Cori Celesti is a minor GS Town which houses a number of heavy manufacturing concerns, including N2 warhead plants and a few Lance factories. The system is most notable for a major battle that resulted in the destruction of the G.S.S. Roger Young. Cori Celesti is named for the fifth planet, a large gas giant.

The Battle of Cori Celesti

The battle began when a sizeable Romoni fleet captured a duplicate of the Roger Young, and used it to attack the system. The duplicate is theorized to have been created by a spatial anomaly which duplicates non-living matter. This anomaly has never been directly observed, but its aftermath has been seen on a handful of occasions.

After a sizeable conlifct in which dozens of Gudersnipe capital-class ships were destroyed, along with countless support ships and fighters, the G.S.S. Cleopatra rammed the Roger Young into its Romoni duplicate, which caused both Roger Youngs to fall into Cori Celesti's atmosphere and sink irretrievably. The Cleopatra was salvaged but damaged beyond repair.