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The Lance is the primary weapon of the Gudersnipe Foundation's Crimson Blade. It is a unique, double-barreled machine gun that fires .50 caliber caseless ammunition, and comes with a wide variety of accessories and modifications. It forms the backbone of the infantry, and is highly sought-after by other forces. A stripped-down variant is sold for export and manufactured under license.


The centerpiece of the lance is the ceramic polymer barrel, which has a one-million-round life cycle but is still very light. The entire weapon has few metal parts, while still weighing enough to counteract recoil. This allows the user to carry significantly more ammunition than competing designs.

The lance can be fitted with a variety of scopes and is extremely accurate over long distances. The built-in computer is capable of fire-control, and when fitted with appropriate sensors makes it an excellent marksman weapon. The gyroscopic stabalizers greatly reduce recoil while also assisting with weapon stabilization. The gun can also be optionally fitted with a water-cooling system that produces even higher rates of fire.

Any standard-issue Lance can also be field-modified with a kit to be belt-fed, allowing it to act as a crew-served weapon.

The basic design has changed little since the days of the old Gudersnipe Army, with most modifications being design variants for re-sale.

Accessory Packages