Roger Young

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G.S.S. A 4 C 1 Roger Young-class Mercury Ship was the largest warship ever commissioned whose size and armaments were placed on public record. Theories persist that it is surpassed in both attributes by the G.S.S. Geomancer, though these are unconfirmed.

The Roger Young was a Mercury Ship armed with several massive beam cannons, including one with the power to destroy 9 planets. This made the Roger Young a member of the P.K. 19-series of Mercury Ships.

Roger Young was the official flagship for the Gudersnipe Foundation until its destruction at the battle of Cori Celesti in A.Y. 900. The entire crew survived without injury, but the ship sank into a gas giant and could not be retrieved.

A project was launched to construct a sister-ship to the Roger Young along the same design, with the code-name Roger Young B, but was eventually abandoned when a study of the original Roger Young's deployment history concluded that its Gravitational Mass Displacement Drive was knocking planets out of orbit. The incomplete hull of the Roger Young B was supposedly scheduled for scrapping and placed in the Ghost Fleet. It was later commissioned and used in the Battle of the New Day.