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Gudersnipe School Ship Cleopatra was a Mercury-class ship built by the Gudersnipe Foundation. It was commissioned in A.Y. 6209, during the Kamian Succession Wars, and was the only Mercury ship built in war-time.

The timing of the Cleopatra's construction is reflected by her design. She was the smallest ship ever to carry the Mercury distinction. Her beam cannon was small by Mercury-standards, but had a fast recharge-time and was designed primarily for anti-capital-ship use. Her armor was thinner than expected for a Mercury ship of her size, but encorporated a greater amount of steel-fired material, making it stronger than most Mercury armor.

The Cleopatra fought all through the Succession Wars, but was finally destroyed in A.Y. 6900 durring the Battle of Cori Celesti. The entire crew survived and the ship was salvaged, but the hull was warped by the damage and thus the ship had to be scrapped. The hull was taken to Colony Lun for salvage.