Nitta Bur'I

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Nitta Bur'I is the second wife of Caleb Bur'I and the unofficial queen of Bur'I. She is married to the king, and addressed as queen, but was never formally crowned and as such is not queen under Bur'Ian law.

Though self-proclaimed a member of the nobility, Nitta is only upper-class and has no legitimate connection to the royal family. Her stepson Jason considered her obnoxious. She has two children: Laden and Dora; both from before her marriage.


Nita, during her marriage to Caleb, is followed always by at least three handmaidens, whose sole purpose for existence is the service of their queen. Nita insists on only young, ‘pure’ girls for her handmaidens; and because she's no model employer, she needs at least nine just to have three on hand all day, and with an average operational life-span of three to four years, which means she is almost constantly discarding old ones and taking on new ones. The old ones are stored in an insane asylum off the coast.

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