Rarapesh Dragon Flight

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Rarapesh Dragon Flight, of northwestern Korrinth, is perhaps among the most troubled surviving dragon flights. Under the Marcon Alliance, the flight spent several millennia enslaved, and were forced to produce dredbroods for the Marcon war machine. Many members of the flight became fallen, and while they could not join the Marcons as equals, some rose to prominence even as slaves.

During Eieber's Long March, the Rarapesh were driven off their ancestral homelands, and forced to seek a living on the remote Animal Island. Rumors persist of the Rarapesh hoard buried here; but much of Rarapesh's wealth was looted by the Marcons. The Marcons are known, though not through what method, to have a way to separate a dragon from his gold.

In the Golden Age, Rarapesh reclaimed a small portion of its homeland after many centuries away. The government of Korrinth refused to recognize the dragons' claim on the land, and allowed them clear title only to the mountain containing their eyrie, and only if they paid taxes. Rarapesh's numbers, already severely reduced due to their exile, shrank even further. With only around a hundred to their name, new broods were forced to seek mates outside the flight. This led to them leaving altogether as often as not, and the flight routinely had to beg incoming mates to bring fresh stores of gold.