Aren's Moon

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Aren's moon is a craggy, pock-marked satellite with a very high albedo. Its surface alternates light and dark, with many distinct surface features. Throughout Aren's long history, these features have been interpreted differently. Most agree that the shape of a dragon's head dominates the appearance.

From a ground perspective, Aren's moon appears to orbit the flat world, rising and setting each night. However, much like the Aren's Sun, this is an optical illusion created by the Aether. In fact the moon orbits the sun in a pocket of vacuum high above the surface.

In addition to the modern lunar phases as imported from round worlds, the moon above Aren has a set of 'ancient' phases(original language unknown) used in esoteric practices. Each day of the lunar month is also named for characters in the Sepal Alphabet, as used by The Lion Calendar.

Lunar Month

DayPhaseEsoteric PhaseSepal
5Waxing CrescentAlthea MinorEie
6Waxing CrescentAlthea MinorDek
7Waxing CrescentAlthea MinorGhn
8Waxing CrescentAlthea MinorFuk
9First QuarterAlthea MajorHuh
10First QuarterAlthea MajorKha
11First QuarterAlthea MajorOoo
12First QuarterAlthea MajorIck
13Waxing GibbousFlorereRey
14Waxing GibbousFlorereSsh
15Waxing GibbousFlorereMrk
16Waxing GibbousFlorereTuh
DayPhaseEsoteric PhaseSepal
21Waning GibbonsChelidon MajorPuh
22Waning GibbonsChelidon MajorQkn
23Waning GibbonsChelidon MajorUvh
24Waning GibbonsChelidon MajorVrk
25Last QuarterChelidon MinorEsh
26Last QuarterChelidon MinorMbu
27Last QuarterChelidon MinorThy
28Last QuarterChelidon MinorWhr
29Waning CrescentAritudoWun
30Waning CrescentAritudoXee
31Waning CrescentAritudoYur
32Waning CrescentAritudoZyh