Arkash Grim Flight

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Arkash Grim Flight was a Dragon flight based on the Greater Continent. They were among nine flights that together formed The Dragonlands. Arkash itself gave birth to Lelerough, Destroyer of Worlds, the great dragon sorceress who formed a mighty empire and severely damaged the Marcon Alliance.

Arkash Grim was destroyed along with the rest of the Dragonlands' dragons in 901 B.G.A.. The location of its eerie is unknown, but speculation holds that the Foundation used it to rebury Lelerough after her body was recovered from a distant Marcon world 2,000 years after her death. In the mid Second Age, the region was re-inhabited by dragons; however, if they found Lelerough's tomb, they aren't talking.

While Arkash Grim was destroyed along with The Dragonlands, and offshoot survives as the Ice as Hard as Steel Flight.