Battle of the Deen Gibson Cluster

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One of the largest battle of the Kamian Succession Wars, the Battle of the Deen Gibson Cluster is best known for the loss of the Gudersnipe Ninth Fleet. It occured in A.Y. 6666.

Severely weakened by a series of defeats, the Ninth Fleet was hovering at less than 40% capabilities, and consisted of only about 2800 ships. Thos ships would be joined by an additional 3,000 coalition vessels from Alliance member-worlds.

The nearly 6,000-vessel fleet sat at the nexas of two major retreat paths, but was delayed while attempting to form proper convey groups. Additionally, 1,500 of the coalition ships refused to withdraw, instead chosing to stay and defend strategic assets in the region.

The Kamians came to bear with only 5,000 ships, but were better-armed and better prepared. The scattered Ninth Fleet could only mount a desperate defense, and was a complete loss. The Sixth Fleet, however, arrived in short order and beat back the Kamians. The Sixth would go on to be destroyed at the Battle of Danielle, marking the Sixth and Ninth as the only two fleets ever to suffer a total loss.