Bdakra Shipyard

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The Bdarka Shipyard is a Starship storage and breaking facility operated by the Gudersnipe Foundation. It is best known for being the site of the theft of Captain Acrebo's Treasure during the late Fifth Age.


Bdakra had been a major hub for inter-stellar trade as far back as the Third Age. While construction was limited to small-to-mid-sized civilian vessels, the Foundation maintained the base as a repair and resupply depot for its powerful Crimson Blade fleet. Exactly when it began to see service as a Ghost Fleet depot is unclear, but there were always a handful of large hulls in the area.

By the Fifth Age, Bdarka was better known as a space junkyard, with thousands of moldering hulls on a solar orbit. The distinction between exactly which ships were merely being stored, which were being stripped of useful fittings, and which had been abandoned to rot was difficult to define. In A.Y. 5669, the Korrenz Incident provoked the Foundation to commit to cleaning up the region.

The sheer number of ships, couple with the age of some, presented serious challenges. A few of the older wrecks had even began to accrete into small planet-like masses, gathering dust and other debris along the way.

The cleanup effort would take decades, but as there were no other immediate threats, the process could be carried out methodically. The larger and older wrecks were steered towards a gas giant in the outer solar system for safe disposal (several of these "accidentally" bounced off the atmosphere and crashed spectacularly into moons. This was initially blamed on an error in the navigation software, but was really the result of wreckers having fun). Wrecks deemed worthy of salvage were carefully re-ordered, and a better system of tracking and accounting for the vessels was put into place.