Korrenz Incident

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The Korrenz Incident was a near-miss which happened at the fourth planet in the Kamden System. Home to the Bdakra Shipyard, the local population had long been concerned about the increasing number of deralict starships past the orbit of the fifth planet. Only the third and fourth planets were populated, though Terraforming efforts were under way on the first and fifth.

The population of the fifth planet had long had a ground-based program underway to track as many of the capitol-sized hulls as possible, out of fears the shipyard was not doing good enough job. The effort was coordinated mostly by civilian groups, using open-source telemetry from deep-space RADAR and some visual observations.

The concern came when the C.B.S. Korrenz, a heavy dreadnought that had been "stored" at Bdakra from the past thousand years, shifted into an orbit that crossed that of the fourth planet in A.Y. 5665. This was not initially a problem, but four years later, it's orbit had taken it close enough to be naked-eye visible during the way. With a dreadnought having both the size and weight of a large asteroid, this represented a serious concern. By this time, tugs were immediately dispatched from Bdakra to correct the orbit, but the population was scared. Calls to clean up the yard were made, and the Foundation responded.