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Blieef is a remote autonomous region west of Rowen. The population of Blieef cannot trace their origins back to any specific people-group. Blieef is a member of the Alliance but regarded as a Remote Autonomous Region.


Situated between between the Oncar Mountains, the Deadlands, and the Yenisei River, the bulk of modern-day Blieef is arid scrub land. Most of the arable land must be irrigated from the Yenisei, and the majority of the stable population lives in the Yenisei River Valley.

Around 40% of Blieef's population are nomadic, roaming the scrublands in search of treasure scattered by the destruction of the Oncar Empire.


During the Mage Wars Blieef was controlled first by the Oncar Empire; then it was independent; then taken over by the Marcon Alliance; and finally independent again.

Very late in the Second Chaotic Period the region was a major stronghold for the Marcon Alliance, which was by now completely shattered. Eieber sent a sizable number of troops into Blieef, and with help from the Rowens, obliterated any remaining Marconian-style settlements. The level of devastation kept the region remotely populated all through the Ages of the Alliance.