Oncar Empire

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Often called "Old Oncar", the Oncar Empire is one of the most enigmatic civilizations of the Mage Wars. The Oncar were a large empire during the mid Dynastic Period, who may have rivaled the Marcon Alliance in power. Very little survives about the Oncar as they were wiped out by the Marcons.


Sometime during the mid-to-late Dynastic Period, the Marcon Alliance networked hundreds of towers together in the largest spell ever cast. A massive Earthen Wave was directed directly at the Oncarians' capital city, forever changing the landscape.

What had been a smooth, hospitable country was converted into every variety of hostile territory.


Being a major dynastic power, significant portions of the known worlds were once a part of the empire. However, the Oncarian style of governence was one of limited benevolance, so these worlds inherited little of Oncarian culture.

For this reason, "Old Oncar" (or even "Oncar" in general) typically refers to the region north-east of Rowen and boardering Ebeta. This is where the Oncarian capital was located, a few thousand miles from the Marcon capital.

The remains of the empire are found in an unusual formation of mountains north of Rowen, supposedly the result of a massive Earthen-Wave-spell used by the Marcons, forming a series of mountainous rings.

Weather Patterns

Unusual geologic formations in the remains of the Oncar Empire caused severe weather patterns all over the mountains, creating powerful storms. While the area sees heavy rainfall, it is bordered to the west by a desert.


Formerly part of the Oncarian empire, a vast desert to the west of the empire's heart contains some of the best-preserved examples of Oncarian ruins. Called simply 'The Deadlands', this region is also curious for living up to its name. A combination of pressure-interactions with the outermost-range of mountains boarding old Oncar means the desert receives no rain, ever. No rivers flow through the desert either, it is, very simply, dead. Nothing but sand and rocks, for two thousand miles.

Ebeta and Oncar

According to legend, the wizard-kings of Ebeta and Oncar were brothers, which explains why Oncar never bothered to conquer their comparatively weak neighbors. While Oncar controlled many worlds, Ebeta was located entirely on the Greater Continent. Though historians disagree, it is possible both lands met their fate about the same time.