Consolidated Head-Melters

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Consolidated Head-Melters is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Gudersnipe Foundation, and responsible for the production of light Compressed Energy Weapons. CHM is sometimes described as a subsidiary of Industrial Face Annihilators, who produce large energy weapons, but CHM is much more wide-spread and produces a considerably higher volume. Most CHM facilities are based planet-side. There is considerable overlap as both companies share common research and development as well as use numerous interchangeable parts under Grand Standardization. In fact, many components produced in CHM factories go on to be assembled into IFA guns.

CHM has two major subsidiaries of its own: Lands and Grooves, who produce small arms, and Elevate Incorporated, makers of artillery and crew-served weapons. While the subsidiaries have mostly independent factories and their own R&D, there is some cross-over in the supply-chain.

Product Lines

CHM (commonly written as CH-M)'s primary role is to produce small directed energy weapons four use on starships, stations, and orbital defense platforms. wave emitters are among there most common products, though multiple close-in weapons systems see much more bulk.