Dragon Worship

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Dragon Worship is the practice of humans worshipping or venerating dragons. It is very common throughout regions of the Known Worlds where dragons are found, and has no central tenets or creed. Each group of practitioners typically created their own belief system around the specific dragon or flight they were following. Lelroughodaism is an example of dragon worship that eventually formed into a fully-fledged religion.

Most dragons do not actively seek out worshippers, and often do not provide encouragement to their 'followers', though this is not always the case. Dragon Worship can be categorized in one of two ways:


In an active worship, the dragon or dragon flight takes an active role, interacting with their human followers on a variety of levels. This can be as simple as specifying what types of tributes they desire, or go as far as dragons literally declaring themselves gods.


In a passive scenario, the dragons either ignore the human population, or refuse a direct role in accepting their veneration. In many cases, the dragon flight may not even be aware of the human population that has framed them as gods. In others, the flight's interaction with the humans is so minuscule that they may know the humans are there, but not that the humans have framed them as gods.

In at least one documented case, an isolated human village had been worshipping the skeleton of a dragon for centuries.