Enus the Abhorrent

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Enus Litgo, anointed as Enus the Abhorrent, was a minor Slayer Dragon of little historical note in the late Fifth Age. Enus was anointed at the age of 55 and died at the age of 57.


The death of Enus the Abhorrent was caused by a series of mitigating factors. In an effort to better pattern himself after his rôle model, Gregory the Grey, Enus attempted bungee-jumping, an unpopular and altogether unpracticed sport in the city of Arindell.

His first mistake was under-estimating his weight. Enus was a fairly portly fellow, but often claimed to tip the scales much lower than was actually true. Like most Slayer Dragons, Enus was remarkably strong, and the additional muscle-mass made him twenty-to-thirty pounds heavier than he appeared. For the sake of vanity, he claimed a lower weight in the highly-publicised spectacle of his bungee-stunt.

The second problem came with the material used to produce the cord. Since authentic 'bungee cord' was unavailable in Arindell, the supplier subsituted another type of elastic rope used in flexible tie-downs. This cord would have stretched much further than the bungee specified in the guide Enus had from the Internet.

Finally, the height of the bridge had been mis-calculated, making all other factors completely moot when Enus's flabby body slammed into the pavement before his line could even go taut.


As was tradition at the time, Enus's corpse was scraped off the roadbed and burned in an ash pit. His Slayer Dragon garb was placed in a reliquary, which due mostly to his lowly regard was quickly misplaced.

The reliquary was re-discovered over four thousand years later by Hunter Jusenkyou, who kindly looted Enus's sword, Cindy, and used it during part of The ByWay to Freedom.