Eul-Speak, Inc.

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Eul-Speak, Incorporated, established A.Y. 1111, is one of the oldest wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Gudersnipe Foundation. Officially, Eul-Speak Inc. existed to facilitate Grand Standardization in the electronics and technology industries. Unofficially, the name is used as the trademark for thousands of Foundation-owned companies eager to trade on the brand-recognition.

Cheif Responsibilities

Eul-Speak's primary duty is to create, update, and maintain technology standards. These standards are provided free of charge through the non-profit subsidiary Inso NPO. Eul-Speak also operates the Ansible network, which relies on the GATE System, and one of their subsidiaries is responsible for facilitating most inter-dimensional communication.


  • Eul-Speak, Inc. is the multi-verse's largest cellphone career. While inter-dimensional calls are not possible, thanks to Grand Standardization, your Eul-Speak cellphone will work in any GS Town and most of Joint-Space. Text-messaging between worlds is even supported, though may incur additional fees.