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Housed within Gudersnipe School Proper, the Gudersnipe Foundation maintains the largest relational database ever concieved, covering all aspects of every peice of information ever collected. The goal of the database is to provide no discoveries by linking all information. It is also a repository of knowledge.


The earliest records of the Gudersnipe Army include a branch tasked with "gathering all knowledge", the means of which were aspecific. Durring the rapidly moving Second Chaotic Period, they chronicled everything. Massive amounts of video were recorded, entire cities and civilizations documented before their destruction. Most famous were the documenting of books. The entire history of the Marcon Alliance was recorded on scrolls in various archives around the empire, these were metitulously photographed page by page and then destroyed. By the end of the Mage Wars, all that remained of the Marcons were records held in Gudersnipe's database.


As soon as Gudersnipe School was established, the database was centralized in an infamous mainframe known as "Brown Betty", an advanced computer for the time, but one which should have been retired.

Every piece of data collected by the Foundation made its way into the database, which expanded into a massive server farm. The designers forsaw the exponential growth and created a system with infinite expandability, the exact size of the database quickly became incalculable.


If the idea of having a database of all knowledge is tantalizing, then thought of loosing one should be terrifying. To that end, the Foundation maintains a total of seven independant think tanks, three within the school proper and the other four at various research facilities throught Joint Space, dedicated souly to inventing new ways to store backups of the database.

The stated objectives are to produce a rugged, man-portable, and extremly long-endurance storage system. The idea being that backup copies could be stored in discreet locations around the verse and in the event of some cataclysmic event, retrieved. The first such system was perfected in the early Golden Age. Later systems used crystal technology and while expensive and difficult to produce, handily stored the entire database in a breifcase-sized package.

Backups are hidden at strategic and highly secret locations all over the known worlds.