Hermen Scopal

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Hermen Scopal was a Crimson Blade soldier, who, in A.Y. 4277, became the first non-Gudersnipe School graduate to attain the rank of Admiral Commodore. His promotion is made even more notable by that he had not attended an Academy at all; he joined as a Recruit and worked his way through the ranks.

Though history would remember him as a legendary warrior, Hermen never saw actual combat, and his high rank was owed merely to the length of his career which exceeded 201 years. Admiral Scopal belonged to a race of passers of druish descent, particularly long-lived, and would eventually die in bed at the age of 224, having joined the Crimson Blade at the age of 18 and retiring just 5 years before death.

The Hermen Scopal Academy was named in his honor 754 years later, by which time the exact details of his life had been largely forgotten and it was generally assumed that he must have been a legendary soldier of some sort.