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IDF (stupidly short for Independent Film) is the dopey codename for our ridiculous, low-budget scifi masterpiece, staring Ivan and Terrence(yes, that Ivan and Terrence). In this storyline they work as inept mercenaries, though their actual job is not widely defined. They appear to mostly just be two guys bumbling around space with a starship.


IDF Script will house the script going forward. There used to be an overview here, but it's all on the script page now.

Very basic outline:

Seeking to restore their reputations, our heroes sneak onto a planet controlled by a brutal mining syndicate to steal something. They succeed, only to learn that their reputations weren't work much to begin with.


Most of the film revolves around Ivan and Terrence, and they are basically the same characters as they appear in various other IPs.

The costumes will be interesting, they need to look sufficiently science fictiony. I am thinking Ivan will always be wearing aviator sunglasses and a red bandanna, either around his neck or around his head, will figure out the specifics later. Each character needs to have a distinct and consistent costume, the entire film only covers the span of a few days.

The characters are very genre savvy and seem to be aware that they are running around in a bullshit sci-fi universe.

IDF Character will go into more detail.


IDF World for more details, but here are the basics: this does not take place in any pre-existing world. They

Running Jokes

On the ship they have a cupboard that they refer to as "the replicator", but after a few instances it becomes clear that it's literally just an ordinary cupboard. Replicators do exist, our heroes just can't afford one.

Their spaceship has 4 engines. The problem is, Ivan, the pilot, is only qualified to operate two-engine spacecraft, which leads to occasional screwups and ridiculousness.

All of the spaceship/space scenes are described as "artists depictions", and if we can I'd like to have them get progressively shittier as the movie progresses, at one point even using a crayon drawing.


We're aiming for the super-cheap, here. This is going to be funded out of pocket. The goal, all in, is $10k. It probably won't be that cheap.

IDF Budget is where I will be making notes.


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