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Freddie Cook is the leader of the Karigo Space Initiative and was the first man on many planets.

Early Life

Born Fredric Johan Cook, Freddie was the son of Maris and Jenna Cook. His father was an accountant and his mother was a teacher. They lived a quiet, unassuming life in southern California, in a suburb outside of Los Angeles. At an early age, Freddie was identified as a genius on inteligence tests, but due to an error in a filing system, he and his parents were never informed, nor was he admitted into any special programs.

A bright child, Freddie performed well in school and showed a particular knack for quickly mastering new skills. He often grew bored with them quickly, and his friends mostly knew him for his wide array of hobbies that often never really went anywhere. He particularly enjoyed games, and as a child was fond of making up new ones with whatever was on hand. In his teen years he became an avid video gamer.

Scholastically, Freddie's grades were always passing, but he never showed much interest in extra-curricular activities, or in even applying himself well enough to earn high marks. If a particular project or assignment caught his interest, he would throw himself into it enthusiastically, but otherwise he was a solid "C" student, at best.


When Freddie was sixteen, his parents died suddenly. Their own hobby and passion was a food blog that they ran, and for a particular post, Maris had been attempting to prepare a Japanese Fugu fish. The experiment did not go well; Maris had supposedly purchased a specially bred, "non-poisonous" Fugu, but the dealer turned out to be less than reputable. Both of Freddie's parents were killed.

Rather than go into the foster system, Freddie had himself emancipated and immediately took the GED test to finish high school. A legal adult at sixteen, he attended a non-accredited trade school called the Computer Technology Institute (CTI) to study game design. In later interviews, Freddie said: "The decision, initially, was based on grief. I needed something to do with myself. I couldn't sit at home and play video games all day. I needed the structure. Plus, the industry just seemed like some place I might like to work.". Freddie finished only a two-year degree at the school, and moved on to a number of companies before landing at SomethingSoft.


While working for the struggling game developer, SomethingSoft, Freddie had a string of successes, eventually landing himself a lead designer role (though given the size of the company, he also helped out in several areas). Together with his best friends Ivan and Terrance, they effectively ran the company.