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The Karigo Space Initiative is a series of near-future stories about space exploration. They do not take place in the same continuity as the Course Books and are not canon. This page and associated pages serve as an area for me to catalog all of the associated information. For convenience and to distinguish them from all of the other pages on the Wiki, all pages will use the KSI prefix. KSI Timeline



Launch Vehicles

  • Bambi



  • Orion


  • KSI Midway Station - LEO station used as a staging area for early Valkyrie missions and a transfer point. Existed in several iterations.
  • KSI Stardock - Legranian station used as launch point for later Valkyrie and early Balistner missions. Also served as space hotel and hosted numerous scientific expeditions.
  • KSI The City in Space - lunar-orbiting station used for later Balistner and last valkyrie missions. First permenant human presence in space, built to last forever.

Earth Facilities